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VALUE SCOUT – Value Schools and Citizenship Observatory for Culture and Sport

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The VALUE SCOUT project will identify and analyse recognised good practices, initiatives of excellence and innovative examples concerning the role of sports and cultural practices in formal contexts (schools) and in non-formal and informal settings (sport clubs, associations, etc.) and will elaborate a set of policy recommendations, suitable for the different European countries, focused on the educative and socialising dimensions of sport and culture.

Duration: 9/2004-8/2006

Main objectives

  • An innovative methodological approach to investigate the association of values related to the emerging society in Europe, in the process of the enlargement with culture and sport activities in the context of school education.
  • A web-based database with case studies identified through a comparative mapping and analysed through the above common methodology.
  • A map of the existing actors and initiatives in the field, covering all European countries.
  • A network of stakeholders and policy makers that will establish a long-term dialogue on the issue of sport and culture in schools.
  • An indicator system, able to monitor the policy, practice, and research achievements in the area.
  • A set of recommendations targeted to policy maker in the field of sport and culture.

Target groups

The project addresses primarily two different target groups. The first target group comprises policy and decision makers and implementers, educational experts and practitioners who are dealing with the promotion of culture and sport in schools, while the other broader target group consists of the entire education community, cultural and sport associations, social workers and education and training in general.

Main activities

  • Setting up a conceptual and methodological framework to map current sport and cultural practices in formal and informal educational settings aiming at the transmission of fundamental values such as solidarity, tolerance, comprehension, respect of others and of diversity.
  • Conducting a systematic desk research and review of existing policies and expected developments aiming at exploiting the education potential of sport and cultural activities in formal, non-formal and informal education.
  • Carrying out a systematic analysis of a significant number (30) of Case Studies among at least 7 EU countries to identify examples of recognised good practices, initiatives of excellence and innovative practices about the role and the impact of education pedagogies and practices of culture subjects and sport in schools, in relation to value building, active citizenship, new learning objectives and attitudes.
  • Developing indicators, guidelines and recommendations for decision makers geared to highlight principles and practices for an effective development of sport and culture in education.

The project partners:

  • Lambrakis Research Foundation (LRF), http://www.lrf.gr
  • The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TI), http://www.tavinstitute.org
  • Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), http://www.hut.fi
  • Center for Innovation and Development in Education (TEHNE), http://www.tehne.ro
  • ELLINOGERMANIKI AGOGI SA (EA), http://www.ellinogermaniki.gr
  • Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, http://www.fim.uni-erlangen.de
  • Research Centre and Advanced Service Provider for Education and Training (SCIENTER), http://www.scienter.org
  • University of Bologna (UNIBO), http://www.unibo.it
  • MENON Network EEIG, http://www.menon.org

TEHNE.ro   >   proiecte   >   VALUE SCOUT – Value Schools and Citizenship Observatory for Culture and Sport
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