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Partners and Collaborators


Promoting, supporting and monitoring the implementation of ICT in education and training, with a focus on e-learning and computer assisted instruction


Theoretical support

www.elearning.ro - Elearning.Romania (project initiated and developed by TEHNE) - Romanian only
www.elearning-forum.ro (website edited by TEHNE Romania)
eLearning in Romania: the State of the Art
Complete text: http://www.elearningeuropa.info/files/media/media13566.pdf - published by Olimpius ISTRATE in eLearning Papers No.5, Sept. 2007


Projects developed in the area of elearning & ICT for education and training

VEMUS - Virtual European Music School (Ref.#1, 2005-2008)
Take Part Too - Active Global-Citizens Simulation (Ref.#2, 2005-2006)
Digitisation in the communications sector: a challenge for Europe (Ref.#12, 2005-2007)
Elearning.Romania (Ref.#13, 2004-2008)
El Dorado - European Learning Community for Regional Development (Ref.#15, 2006-2008)
Prelude - Training Programme on ICT in Music Education (Ref.#16, 2006-2009)
EMOTION - Electronic Music & use of ICT for young at risk of exclusion (Ref.#20, 2008-2010)

More information about the elearning projects developed by TEHNE Romania: www.tehne.ro/projects


Activities run by TEHNE Romania in the area of elearning and computer-assisted instruction

Localisation of UNESCO Standards for Using ICT in Education (UNESCO Romania, 2008)
Evaluation of ICT-based Education System (MoE, 2007-2008)
Monitoring and evaluation of Student Voice Romania project (British Council, 2005-2007)
1educat (Association for Excellence in Career & TEHNE, 2004-2007)
Romanian Elearning Fora - monitoring the theoretical support for elearning (Institute for Education Sciences & TEHNE, 2004-2007)
The evaluation of AeL project (SIVECO Romania & Ministry of Education and Research, 2004)
Academia Online (InsideMedia, 2004-2007)
eLiT-Education Network (British Council, 2004)

More information about the elearning activities developed by TEHNE Romania: www.tehne.ro/activities


Other information and support for education programmes evaluation:
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